Admissions to RIKC Programs

We are pleased that you are seeking rehabilitation services at RIKC.  In order to make your (or your loved one’s) entry into the appropriate program as smooth as possible, we have compiled important information on our admissions process and on what to expect when you arrive for services. If you have more questions after reading the information below, please call us at 816-751-7783.

Getting Started

There are different ways to schedule your treatment:

  • If you have already been examined by your physician and he or she has provided you with written orders (a prescription) for one or more outpatient therapy services, contact our Admissions Department at 816.751.7783 to schedule an appointment. Please be ready to provide your identifying and insurance information over the phone at that time. 
  • If you have not yet seen your doctor OR your doctor has not yet provided you with a written order/prescription for therapy, you may download and print an outpatient therapy prescription form and take it to your doctor for him or her to complete and fax to us at 816.751.7984.  Once the form has been received, we will contact you within three business days to discuss scheduling options.
  • If you are an inpatient at another facility, your social worker or case manager can call and provide us with your information so we can begin to schedule you for services.
  • If you are a social worker or case manager at an inpatient facility and would like to refer a patient to our day hospital program, download and print a day program prescription form.  When completed and signed by a physician, please fax the form to us at 816.751.7984.

Important:  RIKC participates with most commercial insurers (including Medicare replacement plans) Medicare, some managed Medicaid plans, workers compensation, and others.  We will verify your insurance prior to scheduling your appointment.  We also recommend that you and/or a family member or designated representative speak with your insurer or employer to verify your coverage or to answer any questions you may have.  Information obtained from your insurance company by us is no guarantee of payment.

  • Admissions Forms
    We ask that you plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment time in order to complete your admissions paperwork.  To make the admissions process faster, you may download, print and complete the following forms in advance.  Please bring these completed forms with you the first day.

    Consent for Treatment
    Medicare Secondary Payer Form  (Medicare patients only)
    Rights Signature Sheet

    If you are coming for any of these services, please also complete the following forms:
    Wheelchair/Seating Evaluation Questionnaire
    Concussion Rehab Questionnaire
    Vision Rehab Questionnaire

    **  We ask that you read these documents before signing the forms listed above:
    Grievance Procedure Summary
    Notice of Privacy Practices
    Handbook for Medical Rehab Services

  • Your First Day
    New patients are asked to arrive 30 minutes prior to your first appointment to fill out any necessary paperwork or verify the paperwork you bring with you.  Our Admissions staff will help you complete the forms, answer any questions, and collect any required co-payments. 

    • What to wear.  We recommend that patients wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes and rubber-soled shoes, preferably tennis shoes.
    • What to bring.  Bring your insurance cards, photo ID, reading glasses (if you wear them), any discharge instructions you received at a hospital, a list of any follow-up doctors appointments you have scheduled, and your completed admissions forms.  If you have a guardian in place, this person must be present at the time of admission along with a copy of the guardianship papers.
    • Medications.  It is very important that you bring your list of all prescription or non-prescription medications (including dosage) that you take to give to our nurse or your therapist(s) so that we can understand your needs. If you need to take medication while at RIKC, please bring them with you in the prescription bottle.
    • Equipment.  If you have your own wheelchair, walker, cane, brace or prosthetics, you should bring them.  Be sure to label those items clearly with your name.  Please note that RIKC is not responsible for loss or damage to your personal equipment.
    • What to expect.  All patients will work with physical, occupational and/or speech therapists along with other specialists who provide the therapy services.  Depending on the program you enter, you may also work with a nurse, social worker and/or program case manager.

    Therapist(s) will conduct a comprehensive evaluation, discuss specific needs and rehabilitation goals with you and your family, and develop an individualized treatment plan.    The length of treatment and frequency of visits are based on several factors including:

    • Specific injury/condition;
    • The physician recommendations and prescription;
    • The therapists’ evaluation and recommended treatment plan;
    • Insurance coverage.
  • Your Therapy Schedule

    • Keeping appointments. Patients are given a schedule of appointments for their therapy. It is important that you attend all scheduled therapy sessions. Please arrive on time so that you receive the maximum amount of therapy possible.
    • Canceling appointments. We understand that due to illness, bad weather or other circumstances, you may need to cancel an appointment. Please make every effort to notify the program you are attending at least 24 hours in advance. If you call and we are unable to answer, please call 816-751-7867 and leave a detailed message including your name, phone number and reason for cancellation.

    Note:  Frequent cancellation or no-shows of appointments will impact our ability to provide you with the on-going care and treatment you need. Therefore, lack of consistent attendance may result in your discharge from the program. No notice or short notice of cancellations may result in a cancellation fee that must be paid before therapy is rescheduled.

    • Changes in medical status. If your medical status changes, such as if you are admitted to the emergency room or hospital, you must notify us and your referring physician.
  • General Information

    • Parking. We have handicapped accessible parking in our circle drive on Baltimore Avenue. You may also park along the east-side curb of Baltimore Avenue or in the parking garage adjacent to our building.
    • Billing questions should be directed to our Patient Accounts Department at 816-751-7806 or 816-751-7861.

    Please Do Not Bring With You

    • Unsupervised children. We ask that you do not bring children with you to your therapy appointments without an adult to supervise them. We cannot be responsible for watching them during your therapy. If you do bring them with you, an adult must accompany them throughout the building at all times.
    • Pets. Please do not bring household pets with you to therapy. Only certified service animals or therapy animals are allowed in the building and their identifying vest must be worn at all times.
    • Valuables. Please do not bring valuables with you to therapy. RIKC cannot be responsible for loss or damage to your valuables.
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