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Our Corporate Partnership Program (CPP) helps local businesses and organizations join RIKC in a combined effort to increase job opportunities for people with disabilities. Recognizing that employing people with disabilities yields significant benefits, Kansas City area businesses have welcomed RIKC’s Employment Services assistance in helping them seek out and hire individuals with disabilities. Partnership businesses and organizations hire people with disabilities, not because the person has a disability, but because the individual meets or exceeds the business’ employment expectations. 

Increasing the employment of people with disabilities yields significant benefits to the Kansas City area’s economy, and to the people hired as well. When people with disabilities become employed, they achieve the same economic and vocational identity everyone values. This identity includes having more disposable income, the ability to pay taxes, and to purchase more goods and services.  Additionally, people who are employed are more independent, self-confident, and now have the ability to make greater contributions to our community.

By participating in CPP, we can help you increase your bottom-line by streamlining the hiring process and providing you with the right people who have the skills to get the job done.

Becoming a Corporate Partner includes the following benefits:

  • All job candidates are pre-screened for education, skills and experience
  • Your business will save time and money on recruitment and advertising expenses
  • Your  employment needs are matched with suitable job candidates through our skilled team of Employment Development Specialists
  • At your request, we can provide information to your staff regarding disability etiquette, accessibility and reasonable accommodations.
  • You can receive tax advantages for hiring individuals with disabilities
  • Continued follow-up and support services to ensure that the new employee smoothly transitions into the work environment
  • Recognition in RIKC’s newsletters and web site as a Corporate Partner

Becoming a Corporate Partner only requires your recognition that people with disabilities can and want to work.  RIKC and the individuals we serve ask that you would not expect less from them than anyone without a disability. Build your business and create lasting goodwill for your company. By becoming a Corporate Partner, RIKC can help you build a stronger workforce, save money, enhance productivity, and gain access to a largely untapped source of intelligent, industrious, and qualified job candidates.

For more information regarding becoming a Corporate Partner contact Mark Cubon at 816.751.7816 or

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