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Hire Qualified Employees

Adult Medical Services Since we opened our doors in 1947, RIKC has been providing employment services to companies throughout our region based upon our belief that great people equal great results. Working closely with the Missouri Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, we are a CARF-accredited service provider and a resource for job-seekers with disabilities that are looking for job opportunities in our community. Our candidates come to us with a variety of work experience, and we’ll make sure that any person we recommend for a position possesses the job skills, interpersonal characteristics and attitude you require. RIKC and the individuals we serve ask that you would not expect less from them than anyone without a disability.

Hiring The Right People Can Make All The Difference.

Every business wants to hire the best employees in the least amount of time. RIKC streamlines that process by providing you with the right people who have the skills needed to get the job done. Our goal is to connect you with candidates whose interests and abilities are already a match, and we do this at no cost to you.

RIKC makes it easier to find Employees.

RIKC's team of Employer Development Specialists are always there for you, and if needed, can provide the support and follow-up necessary to a successful working experience for all. In some cases, we can also provide on-site job coaching for certain individuals who may need an extra degree of attention on the job. Again, there are no charges to you for these services and we are happy to keep our presence and impact on your daily operations as limited as possible. We’ll make sure that a new employee’s transition into your work environment is smooth and results in added value to your workforce.

For more information contact: Kelly Ohrenberg  at 816.751.7924 or

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