Staff Expertise

  • All of our medical staff is Mandt certified and professionally trained in medical rehabilitation fields.  We pride ourselves in hiring individuals with diverse expertise, which includes:

    • Specialty certification in VitalStim, Bioness, Saebo, Limgraphic, and Interactive Metronome systems
    • Home Modification certification
    • Expertise in stroke and brain injury rehabilitation for children and adults
    • Expertise in fall reduction, constraint-induced movement therapy, stroke recovery, wheelchair and seating mobility, vision loss, computer access and modifications for use, orthotics, AAC technologies
    • Elementary education and eMINTS certification

    Many of our staff members are clinical instructors and guest lecturers at professional training programs in the region. Our staff also holds board and member positions at the following organizations in the community:

  • Adult Medical Rehabilitation Program 

    Our staff includes physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech/language pathologists, a recreational therapist, social workers, case manager/vocational liaison, neuropsychologists, psychologists, and registered nurses.

    Pediatric/Adolescent Medical Rehabilitation Program

    Our program staff includes physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, a social worker, a nurse case manager, neuropsychologist, psychologists, a licensed practical nurse, and a classroom teacher.

    Our professional team’s extensive experience in medical rehabilitation includes:

    • Stroke in Children
    • Stroke in Young Adults
    • Stroke in Older Adults
    • Brain Injury
    • Brain and Spinal Cancer/Tumor
    • Amputation
    • Concussion
    • Spinal Cord Injury
    • Neurological Disease/Illness
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Parkinson’s Disease
    • Guillain Barré Syndrome
    • Cerebral Palsy
    • Spinal Bifida
    • Adaptive Computer and Communication Technology
    • Driving Evaluation and Training
    • Wheelchair Seating and Assessment
    • Vision Rehab
    • Home Assesment
    • Disability-Related Anxiety and Depression Assessment
    • Balance/Vestibular Assessment
    • Deep Brain Stimulator Psychological Pre-Assessment
    • Spinal Cord Stimulator Psychological Assessment
    • School Transition and Education Strategies for School-Aged Children after a Neurological Injury or Illness
    • Return to Work/School/College after a Neurological Injury or Illness
    • Pain Management Counseling
    • Neurological Assessment
    • Augmentative Communication
    • Adaptive Recreation/Sports
    • Ergonomics
    • Family and Care Giver Roles Following Disability
    • Living Well With A Disabiliy
    • Self-Advocacy With A Disability
    • Aging in Place

    For additional information about our services and whether our services can be of benefit to you or your loved one, please call our Admission’s Office at 816-751-7783.

  • "The rehab staff assisting patients with physical and occupational therapy were so kind to the patients"

    I wanted to take a moment and congratulate you and the RIKC staff for the wonderful work you do.  I recently had the opportunity to visit RIKC and see the work you do from a patient's perspective.  My mom's neurologist referred her for an evaluation with Dr. Terrie Price.  From the gentleman at the front desk to the intake and copay, and especially the work of Dr. Price, your staff was friendly, and treated us as if we were the most important person they would see that day.  Dr. Price was the ultimate professional, and was able to give mom both the good and bad information in a respectful manner.

    While waiting for mom to complete testing I got to do some great "people watching."  The rehab staff assisting patients with physical and occupational therapy were so kind to the patients, and obviously knew their patients well.  One patient sat with me for a while in the waiting area, and said that RIKC had given her back her life after a serious fall. She was so pleased with the treatment and services that she had received, and told me that my mom was in great hands at RIKC.

    I, of course, knew the work you do with the workshop employees and job placement, but had never before had the opportunity to see the other side of the work you do.  It was wonderful to be treated so well in a situation where mom and I were somewhat nervous and unsure of what to expect.

    If people are dissatisfied with the services they receive they do not hesitate to file a complaint.  Unfortunately, most don't take the time to write a note of thanks if they have received excellent service.  I didn't want to be one who neglected to voice the good things going on at your organization.

    Thanks again for the wonderful services you provide to the KC community, and please thank your staff for treating my mom with such respect and dignity.

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