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Turning A Passion Into A Paycheck 

Lenora Roberson has always seen herself as a dedicated and passionate employee.  She suffered a stroke in 2008 and the most significant impact initially was to her memory.  She still struggles with her short term memory. 

Years before her stroke, Lenora lost her foot as a result of Hughes Syndrome.  Hughes Syndrome is a rare blood condition that increases risks for blood clots.  Despite her misfortunes, Lenora remained positive and began meeting with Vocational Rehab Counselor, Theresa King.  Lenora and Theresa decided together that the RIKC Employment Services team was the best option to help Lenora find a job she would like. 

Lenora and Nancy Day, an Employment Training Specialist in RIKC’s TBI Works Program, immediately started practicing interviewing skills, completing applications and searching for jobs.  Within no time Lenora had four interviews lined up!  Unfortunately, those jobs were not the right match, but Lenora knew something better would come along soon.  “I didn’t give up”, said Lenora, “I just kept pushing forward with the job search.  We knew there was something out there for me.”

 A few weeks later Lenora was hired by B&B Theaters in Union Station!  She is now a ticket handler and concessions operator for the theater.  “This is the best job I’ve ever had!  I love to meet new people and hear stories from the out-of-town families that come through.  And the people here love me too.  When I found this job, I found a career I can retire from”, said Lenora.

Lenora described the caring staff at RIKC .  “I cannot thank Nancy or Jennifer (the job coach I worked with at RIKC) enough.  They have done so much for me.  Even after I was hired, Nancy continued to call to ask how the job was going and just to see how I was doing personally.”

Congratulations Lenora on finding your career at B&B Theaters! 

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