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Danny is a charismatic man who enjoys talking with and listening to people.  One evening, when leaving a friends apartment, Danny was violently assaulted in the parking lot.  He was brutally beaten and his injuries were so severe that he was left unrecognizable.  He suffered multiple skull fractures, facial fractures, a dislocated jaw, four weeks of blindness, four more weeks of double vision and multiple surgeries to insert and remove metal plates and wires.  After 35 days in the hospital, Danny was ready to start therapy at RIKC.

Danny was referred to RIKC to improve his memory and vision deficits as a result of his traumatic brain injury.  When Danny first came to RIKC, he admits that he did not want to come for therapy. “I didn’t think I needed it.  I could still move around fine so I kept asking myself why I was here.”

Since beginning his therapy at RIKC, Danny has seen significant improvements in his vision and memory. When asked about his experience at RIKC, he was overwhelmed with emotion.  “RIKC has been phenomenal.  I’m not sure if this organization realizes just how impactful they are in peoples’ lives.  From the moment I walked in I felt cared for and could sense the willingness to help from all of the therapists and staff.  There is really a positive energy that resonates throughout the entire building.”

Danny also described how emotionally healing each of his sessions were.  “I can’t say enough about everyone.  From the minute I met Renee, my Physical Therapist, I always knew we were going to get through my TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) together. She was here to help me.  Michele (Case Manager) and Valerie (Social Worker) always made me feel like their center of attention for our sessions.  And my Occupational Therapist, Katie, always raised my spirits.” Danny also credits his strong support system at home for playing a key role in his quick recovery.  “I have a wonderful family that is so receptive to my feelings.”

Danny looks forward to returning to work at St. Joseph Medical Center and completing his reconstructive surgeries, but he also said that he will greatly miss coming to RIKC.   

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