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Breaking Through The Barrier

Brendan is an energetic and outgoing five year old.  Over Brendan’s life he has struggled with several disabling conditions, but Brendan and his supportive family will not let that define him.  He was born 8 weeks premature, he suffered complications during birth that resulted in cerebral palsy, and he has kidney disease.  The family later learned that he also has asthma and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). 

Shortly after his birth Brendan was placed into the foster care system and was then moved from family to family.  Time and time again the foster families were unable to provide him with the care he needed, that is until he was placed with Ricky and Sarah.  The Bennett family officially adopted Brendan a year and a half later. 

After being told by doctors that Brendan would never walk or talk Sarah and Ricky began researching early intervention programs in the Kansas City area designed for children with disabilities.  As soon as Brendan was old enough he began therapy at RIKC’s Pediatric Summer Therapy Program.  During summer therapy Brendan and his family noticed significant improvement in his fine motor skills and increased strength on his left side.  When asked about Brendan’s experience at RIKC, Sarah said, “He absolutely loved everything about the summer program and what we love most about RIKC is the combination of educational and medical based therapy all in one!  Somehow the therapists manage to make every day super fun!  He never even knew he was actually at therapy.” Brendan has now participated in summer therapy for three years. 

Throughout the school year Brendan attends Children’s Therapeutic Learning Center (CTLC) where he is currently in kindergarten.  He also receives his weekly therapy sessions at CTLC to continue progress towards all of his therapy goals.

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