Yada - Driving Program

Yada Meas grew up in Cambodia and spent many years in a wheelchair after both legs were amputated above the knee due to bleeding issues. At the age of 19 and with the help of his mother, he moved across the world in search of the American dream and came to Kansas City to study biology.

Yada knew how important his independence would be to help him reach his dreams. For the first time ever Yada was fitted for lower extremity prosthetics and learned to walk.  He was referred to Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City’s (RIKC) to participate in the Driving Program. After several months of training with adaptive hand controls Yada was able to drive on his own.  He no longer had to rely on his mother or sister for transportation.  The staff at RIKC helped Yada identify the most appropriate adaptive devices to install in his own vehicle and with the hand controls he is able to drive safely and independently. 

Since gaining his freedom behind the wheel, Yada has graduated from college with a degree in biology.  As he spoke about the RIKC driving program he said, “I have a great amount of respect for my instructors.  Everyone was very knowledgeable and gave me a great learning experience.” 

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