Dennis - R.I. Industries

When visitors step into R.I. Industries they are greeted with smiles, waves, and even handshakes from the clients.  A positive and welcoming energy fills the R.I. Industries location at 12th and Troost.  Each client at R.I. Industries is a valuable employee.  However,  one client in particular, Dennis, is as dedicated as he is determined. 

Dennis started working at R.I. Industries in 1995. His favorite job is assembling GexPro Fasteners which he does with precision.  “Dennis is very detail oriented. He double and triple checks his products to make sure they are exactly the way they should be”, said Jessica Fahey, Program Manager with R.I. Industries. 

Dennis has the skill set to work on various jobs although he excels at assembling breather vents. Breather vents are used in gear boxes, oil tanks, and reservoirs for vacuum relief or pressure equalization.  Assembling breather vents can be a difficult job, but not to Dennis.  “He is one of the few clients that can do that job and he does it very well”, stated Ms. Fahey.   

Even when Dennis takes a break he can still be found helping around the workshop.  He loves to clean and make sure everything looks good.  However, cleaning isn’t Dennis’ only passion.  When he leaves R.I. Industries for the day he spends his evenings watching scary movies on Netflix, counting down to his next birthday, researching shoes and the way shoes are made, and spending time with his mom.  

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