Jose - Adult Medical Rehabilitation

Jose “JZ” has always lived an active lifestyle at work and at home.  As a 44 year old traveling consultant Jose moved from city to city multiple times a week.  He never let anything slow him down.  He could frequently be found with his laptop working on his next project or outside with his children when he had a day off.  Jose’s family history of heart disease was the last thing on his mind.

After returning to Kansas City from Houston, Jose stayed up late to finish preparing for an upcoming exhibit. As he typed on his computer, the screen displayed various combinations of letters, but he was not forming words.  He blamed his typing errors on drowsiness and quickly reached for a glass of water to help wake himself up.  As Jose took a drink, the water poured out of the left side of his mouth and at that moment he knew he needed emergency help.  With slurred words he woke his oldest son to call 911.  Once he arrived at KU Medical Center it was determined he had suffered a hemorrhagic stroke to the right side of his brain. 

Following acute rehab at KU Medical Center, Jose was referred to Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City (RIKC) to participate in the Day Rehab Program, addressing continued neuro-rehab of his right arm, leg, and overall speech.  JZ started therapy at RIKC with his main goal in mind – to get out of his wheelchair and return to work.  To provide individualized care for JZ his Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists coordinated his therapy to incorporate job related skills.  “All of the therapists were very adaptive to my requests.  They provided home exercises to help me reach a meaningful outcome sooner,” said JZ.  After weeks of therapy he walked away from his wheelchair and eventually back to work! 

Jose said, “I really enjoyed all of my therapy so much because all of my therapists listened to me which I feel was critical to my success.” 

After several months of therapy Jose now is walking with only the use of a cane and he’s becoming quite the conversationalist.  He practices his speech at home by reading out loud to his son and has also been working hard on his one hand typing skills. 

Jose is excited to apply the strategies he has learned in therapy to his job, all of which have helped him successfully return to work. 

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