Cate - Adult Medical Rehabilitation

The “wrong place at the wrong time” is how 24 year old Cate describes her life changing moment on the side of Highway 169.  After a small fender bender that brought Cate to a stop on the shoulder, she stepped out of her vehicle to check for damage.  Moments later she was struck by a drunk driver.  Cate suffered a traumatic leg amputation at the scene and a bi-lateral stroke due to substantial blood loss.

She was rushed to North Kansas City Hospital where she spent three weeks in the Intensive Care Unit.  Once discharged from North Kansas City Hospital, Cate was transferred to a rehabilitation facility out of state where she then spent the next six months for inpatient therapy.  “At the beginning of my therapy I made a lot of improvement but then hit a wall with my progress, and I was ready to be home,” said Cate. 

Cate and her family returned to Kansas City where they met with Dr. Steinle of St. Luke’s Health System. Dr. Steinle referred her to Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City (RIKC) for outpatient Medical Rehabilitation where she participates in Occupational, Physical, and Speech therapy.  “Within only a few weeks at RIKC I had broke my plateau and was starting to make strides towards my goals again,” said Cate. 

One of her biggest goals is to walk using her prosthetic leg without needing a walker.  Over the past she has spent more time walking without her walker, regained improved function in her right hand, and has made improvements in speech.  Cate said of her experience at RIKC, “Rehabilitation Institute really has been so incredibly amazing for me.  I am so thankful for this place and my therapists.  I truly believe caring for their patients is a major understatement.”

Cate’s commitment to reach her goals motivated her to participate at RIKC’s Ability Quest  2014 where she walked a mile for the first time on her own with family and friends supporting her along the way! 

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