Artie - TBI Works

After recovering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI), 68 year old Artie Harris felt ready to return to full time employment.  Artie contacted the job retention specialists at Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City (RIKC) and became a client of the TBI Works program.  With the help of TBI Works staff, Artie landed a position with City Wide Maintenance.  Unfortunately, due to an unexpected personal emergency, Artie missed a week of work resulting in his termination.  Once Artie notified the staff at RIKC of his misfortune, they were back to advocating for Artie’s independence through employment.  The job retention specialists were able to get Artie his job back, working in a new location cleaning Science City at Union Station.  Artie has since stated how much he enjoys his position and that he hopes to eventually retire from his position at Union Station.

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