Blake L - Pediatric Medical Rehabilitation

Blake is a 12 year old charismatic and outgoing young man who makes friends easily.  In November of 2015 Blake went with one of his best friends and their family to Lake of the Ozarks to look at a boat they were interested in purchasing. Since November is not a high traffic time of year on the lake, the boat driver accelerated and instantly collided with another boat, sending the passengers flying.  Blake had to be taken by air ambulance to the nearest hospital where they stabilized him for transfer to University of Columbia Hospital.  Blake suffered multiple injuries including a Traumatic Brain Injury. He spent the next 12 days in the hospital, with five of those days in a coma. 

After nearly two weeks in the hospital Blake and his mom were ready to return to Kansas City.  He was transported by ambulance to Children’s Mercy Hospital where he spent the next seven weeks receiving inpatient therapy. From Children’s Mercy Hospital Blake was referred to Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City (RIKC) to continue building his strength and regaining his independence.  Blake first arrived at RIKC unable to walk, and he needed a wheelchair.  He also had extreme memory and processing deficits, and no feeling or movement on his left side.  Within three weeks Blake was up on his feet walking without assistance!  He has also made leaps and bounds towards regaining his memory and processing skills.  He was even able to regain use of his left hand and sensation on his left side.  “If we had not come here Blake would not be even close to where he is today.  We are incredibly lucky for the outstanding care we have received throughout this entire journey”, said Blake’s mom Annie. 

Blake is looking forward to skateboarding, fishing, and acting in his school’s theater program again once he has completed therapy.  

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