Andrea - EXCEL Program

Living A Healthy Life

"Hi, Andrea!" four voices chime as their friend rolls into the familiar enclosure of RIKC's after hours fitness/wellness program, EXCEL (Exercise x Commitment = Enriched Living). Andrea smiles and greets each friend as she moves to her favorite piece of equipment-the hand cycle. "I could only do it for 10 minutes when I first started. Now I can go for an hour," she explained. Andrea gains strength in EXCEL with the motivation and social interaction needed to make healthy lifestyle changes. She works with RIKC staff to develop a more independent lifestyle. During an Aging Assessment performed in her home, therapists in our ACCT program helped her make safe, accessible accommodations to her living area so she could become more self-sufficient during daily activities. "She's a great cheerleader for fitness now," explained Monica Roe, one of Andrea's therapists. "She has this glow about her." Andrea agrees, saying her new lifestyle makes her feel good. When she first started, she could lift approximately 30 lbs. Now, she proudly lifts 60 lbs. Along with her EXCEL peers, Andrea remains very consistent and hardworking towards her goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She is one of more than a dozen individuals who meet in the evenings three days a week for exercise and strength conditioning.

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