Logan - Pediatric Medical Rehabilitation

Logan is a 13 year old boy from Lebanon, MO. He enjoys being outdoors with his friends fishing, swimming, biking, and playing sports. When Logan isn't pursuing sports he is helping his Mother with chores and being a big brother.

It's the fall of 2013, and Logan is competing in a Junior High Cross Country Meet. At this particular track meet the unimaginable happens - Logan suffers from a sudden heart attack while running.  Although a local physician was present to give Logan emergency CPR, Logan was left with an anoxic brain injury.  Anoxic Brain Injury was caused by a lack of oxygen at the time of the heart attack.  Logan was later referred to the Adolescent Day Program at RIKC. 

At RIKC, Logan worked closely with an Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist, and a Certified Classroom Teacher.  Logan, his family, and therapy team set goals together to improve strength, endurance, range of motion, fine and gross motor skills, balance and agility, and his communication skills.  Since Logan has always been an 'A' student his education was also a top priority while receiving therapy at RIKC.  With a full time teacher on site, Logan continued working on reading, math, and communication skills.  Other on site services to help coordinate the delivery of care included nursing, social work, and case management.

While Logan received rehab services at RIKC he and his Grandmother stayed at the local Kansas City Ronald McDonald House.  It did not take long before all of the staff at R!KC could see how hard working, polite, and courteous Logan is.  We called Logan's Grandmother to check in and she said, "Everyone at RIKC really did a great job.  It's almost daily that Logan talks about all of the people he met there.  It's obvious how much he really liked coming to the program".  Logan graduated from the Adolescent Program January 31, 2014 and continues to become more independent each day.


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