Hannah - Driving Program

Adapting to a New World Behind the Wheel

Hannah Corwin has recently become an alumnus of the RIKC Driving Program.  Hannah was in the program from February 2014 through May 2014. She received her first drivers license on May 27th.  Due to her diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, Hannah had never been behind the wheel before.  The driving program helped Hannah become an independent driver and it has opened many doors for her in her personal life.  Hannah described her experience here at RIKC:

“I have learned A LOT! Definitely more than I ever thought I would in any type of Driving Program.  I pay more attention to my own driving and can spot things that other people do wrong while driving.  Annette was really helpful to me while I was in the program.  She was always patient and even when I did do something wrong she never got frustrated or made me feel bad about it.  She just showed me how to do it the right way.  I loved that we started slowly. I never felt rushed to be perfect at driving and when I did finally get to take my drivers test I felt ready, not like I was just running out of time and had to do it”.

Now that Hannah has her own car she has been able to move out, start a new job, and hang out with friends on her time.  With the help of Vocational Rehabilitation, the expense of adapting Hannah’s car was completely paid for.  She was behind the wheel in as little as two weeks after she received her license.  Hand controls were added to her car so she can drive entirely using her hands, making the standard foot pedals obsolete.  Congratulations Hannah!

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