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Elias - The Strong

Two and a half years ago a light shined bright into Theresa and Jason Decker’s world and their baby boy Elias was born.  Elias was handed to Theresa and time stopped as she held him, like all babies, he was perfect.

Elias’s parents would soon learn that during birth Elias suffered a stroke.  Doctors confirmed the stroke with an ultrasound a few days after Elias was born.  Specialists began to flood in and out of the Decker’s room explaining to Theresa and Jason how life would be different for Elias.  As a result of the stroke Elias has Spastic Hemiparesis which primarily affects function on the left side of his body.  At 6 months old Elias started in home therapy.  A little over a year later the Decker Family walked through the doors at RIKC and took their first strides towards recovery. 

Elias receives services from the Pediatric Day Rehabilitation Program and participated in Summer Therapy Program.  Services from RIKC help Elias recognize his left side impairment and teach him ways to use both his left and right sides efficiently.  “RIKC allows others to be involved in his therapy so that we can focus on healing as a family,” said Theresa Decker. 

At the young age of 2 years old Elias’s passion for music is obvious, if there is a beat Elias is dancing.  Needless to say, music therapy was his favorite part of the Summer Therapy Program.  Elias rocked and rolled straight through the summer.  By the end of summer he was even opening and using his left hand!

Elias continues to make improvements towards his therapy goals each week.  He is cheered on by his mother, father, baby brother, and RIKC therapists, nurses, and case managers with each goal he reaches.


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