Carl - Adult Medical Rehabilitation

Persistence and Patience

Carl Henson has had a long relationship with RIKC but not from therapy.  Carl’s story starts over 20 years ago.  As a self proclaimed “serial entrepreneur” Carl started his very own ground medical transportation company that was frequently used by many individuals receiving services at RIKC.  However, the tables turned, as he is now unfortunately on the receiving end of therapy services himself. 

Early in 2014, Carl was prescribed medication for high blood pressure that he would soon learn contained active ingredient he is allergic to.  He began to stumble and fall over the next few months never thinking much of it, until one day when he fell in front of his sister.  His sister insisted he go to a hospital to which he reluctantly agreed.  On June 23rd, 2014 Carl Henson learned that as a result from all of the falls, he had suffered a broken neck.  The next day he was scheduled for surgery. 

Carl credits his surgeon for a job very well done but he was not as happy about the prognosis, he was told that he would never walk again.  “You have got to use it or lose it and I was not going to just give up my legs”, said Carl.  In just a matter of days after his surgery he began to loose strength in his upper and lower extremities.  As he recalled that month he spent in the hospital Carl said, “I love this place (RIKC) and I just wanted to get out of the hospital so I could get here and start my therapy”.

Throughout our interview he continued to tell me, “I have so much respect for everyone here.  They have not only done a phenomenal job with me, but everyday I see all of the work they do for all of the patients here.”

Since starting services at RIKC, Carl has regained strength and has moved from a wheelchair to a walker and is now using a cane.  Carl has progressed to being in the Successful Adult Independent Living Skills (SAILS) program where he continues to receive therapy and address return to work skills.  Carl is on his way to meeting his therapy goal of returning to work!

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