Tina - Adult Medical Rehabilitation

Triumphant Tina

Inspiring, fun, energetic and positive – these are some words that are used to describe 35 year old Tina Kimball.  Tina’s story starts in 2013 when she suffered a stroke during brain surgery.  As a result of the stroke she had to re-learn how to walk, talk, feed herself, brush her teeth and many other activities of daily living.    After that day Tina spent the next year in and out of therapy and hospitals.

At RIKC Tina participates in the Day Hospital program.  “Sometimes I look back at all of the major improvements I’ve made and it’s absolutely wonderful how far I’ve come” said Tina.  Tina described the difficulty she had with things such as brushing her teeth as well. “I couldn’t get the toothpaste onto the brush or even get the brush to my mouth.  I don’t think people know how difficult something like that can be after a stroke”. 

Tina attributes her undying faith in God to her perseverance and strength in getting through all of the obstacles she has faced during therapy. Tina also shared the impact RIKC staff has had on her therapy experience. “Everyone here feels like family.  All of the people here understand what we have all gone through and it’s wonderful to have that bond with your therapist.  They build your self esteem and even from the start they believe that you can do it.  I receive so much support when I am here.” 

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