Daniel - Adolescent Medical Rehabilitation

Straight On The Road To Success

Since Daniel was 15 months old he has been using a walker to assist him with his mobility as a result of Cerebral Palsy.  Daniel began to develop a crouch gait that worsened over the years as he grew.  Crouch gait is commonly associated with Cerebral Palsy and causes a decrease in range of motion and stress to the joints.  In Daniel’s case he suffered from serious joint pain due to the crouch gait.  Despite his pain Daniel pushed through several surgeries to improve his gait.  Finally on July 7th Daniel had the surgery that would send him on the fast track towards improvement.  Although surgery was a success Daniel still needed many sessions in physical therapy to reach his goals.  Daniel was referred to Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City by his doctor at Children’s Mercy Hospital. 

Since he has been at RIKC Daniel has built up strength in his legs and re-learned to walk because of his hard work in physical therapy.  “He is standing the straightest we have ever seen!  It’s almost hard to believe that basically his entire crouch is gone” said Daniel’s mother Angie. 

Daniel is now attending school in the Fort Osage School District two days a week.  Angie said, “The school district and Angela (RIKC’s full time educator) worked great together to make sure Daniel kept up with his grades”.

When asked about their experience at RIKC Angie said, “We both love it here.  Daniel loves all of his therapists and even I have formed bonds with the other parents and therapists”. Like many families the Oaks did not know about RIKC until they were faced with finding an organization that provides premier therapy and school reintegration services for children with complex disabilities. 

When Daniel is not in therapy he enjoys hockey, baseball and Mizzou sports with his two younger brothers.

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