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Amazing Aidan

Running, jumping, climbing and hiding can be some of the most fun things for young boys to do outside. On a beautiful spring day in March, four year old Aidan was doing just those things.  In a split second, as Aidan’s Dad briefly turned his back, Aidan snuck under the family’s truck to hide.  Assuming that Aidan was in the yard playing like he had been all day Aidan’s Dad hopped into the truck and began to back out of the driveway.  Little did he know, Aidan was still hiding under the vehicle.  Once Derek realized that his son was under the truck he stopped immediately, but by that time it was too late.  The family called an ambulance and Aidan was rushed to Children’s Mercy Hospital where it was determined that he had suffered a C7 spinal cord injury.

After almost a month of inpatient hospitalization at Children’s Mercy Hospital, Aidan was referred to RIKC for outpatient rehabilitation therapy.  Aidan received services with a physical and occupational therapists to help improve his endurance, strength, range of motion and mobility. 

Jacki, Aidan’s mother, recalled her son’s first few days at RIKC, “When we left Children’s Mercy Hospital Aidan was barely crawling and it was very uncoordinated. Derek and I were nervous about starting in the Pediatric Program at RIKC.  We didn’t understand why RIKC was so much better than anywhere in Lawrence or Topeka, which would have been closer to home.  That was until Aidan started therapy.  In just one week we could see noticeable improvements in Aidan’s strength and ability to do different tasks.”

With the push from Aidan’s physical therapist, Michelle Ahern, and occupational therapist ,Cathie DeVries, he was beginning to regain his independence and started walking with a walker.  “The therapists really gave Aidan the confidence and motivation to keep pushing past what he thought his limits were,” said Jacki. 

After a few months at RIKC Aidan was back to running and jumping again without the use of assistive equipment.  “We owe everything to RIKC.  Without them our little miracle wouldn’t be a little miracle.  We would recommend RIKC to anyone whose little one needs therapy.  They give your child the independence and confidence they need to want to get better!” said Jacki.

Today you can find Aidan playing soccer, basketball and running with his big sister. 

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