R.I. Industries

Wildly Excited

RIKC has been a part of Kansas City since 1947 and has always made supporting other local small businesses a priority.  RIKC has had many opportunities to do this over the years but none have ever smelled so good! The clients of R.I. Industries have recently been given the job to hand-assemble sample packets to be included with purchases of Indigo Wild’s bath and beauty products.

Indigo Wild’s staff members are self-proclaimed children of nature whose goal is to deliver quality natural products.  Indigo Wild was referred to R.I. Industries by an associate at Helping Hand of Goodwill Industries after they closed their doors in Kansas City.  “The transition has been very easy.  We originally started with some mailings and were so impressed with the quality and work ethic that we have now started using the clients at R.I. Industries for hand assembled samples,” said Allison Wood with Indigo Wild.

The clients at R.I. Industries are just as excited.  “I just love this job.  It’s fun, new and different”, said one of the clients as they diligently assembled samples.  Each client explained the process to assemble the samples with enthusiasm. They demonstrated what their favorite part was, from stamping cards to adding stickers to the plastic sleeves.  Jessica Fahey, Program Manager with R.I. Industries, also had a lot to say about Indigo Wild.  “I love what Indigo Wild is doing in the community and it’s great that we get to participate with other local Kansas City-based businesses.  But most importantly, the clients really do love this job.”

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