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Courageous Caroline

After days of confusion, vomiting, paralysis and a visit to her pediatrician, five year old Caroline was rushed to the emergency room on November 3rd.  Caroline’s parents received news no parent wants to hear.  Caroline had a very rare form of cancer, Choroid Plexus Carcinoma.  Choroid Plexus Carcinoma represents only about 3% of brain tumors in children.  The tumor was growing rapidly and causing an increase in pressure on the brain and skull.  The Lopez family made the decision to transfer their daughter to Children’s Mercy Hospital where Caroline had surgery to remove most of the tumor.  Due to the tumor’s size and placement, not all of it could be removed.

The tumor had robbed Caroline of her ability to use her left side.  Caroline, one of five children for the Lopez family, is described by her mother as the “independent one”.  “Before the cancer she was left handed so I can really see the frustration on her face when she tries to do something as simple as get dressed or brush her teeth,” said Janna.  Since starting therapy at RIKC, Caroline has already become more independent at home.

Upon first meeting Caroline she let us know, “I have cancer and I’m going to kick its butt!”   Despite the surgeries, chemotherapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, Caroline celebrates each one of her successes and remains positive.  “I can use the big girl potty all by myself again and my mom doesn’t even have to help me anymore,” Caroline told us. 

Since starting therapy at RIKC Caroline has returned to school and is playing with her siblings.  Caroline’s favorite things are Hello Kitty, Princess Elsa, Snow White and the color pink.  We wish Caroline the best on her road to recovery! 

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